YouTube pays

Many people have heard that YouTube pays money for videos. Is this really the case and how much can you earn on the largest video hosting service in the world?

YouTube-video king
At the moment, YouTube is the second most popular site in the world and is second only to its older brother, Google. This popularity is due to a whole army of bloggers – people who create video content on a daily basis, for which YouTube is grateful to Them. However, we need to make an important clarification. YouTube itself doesn’t pay anyone money. This is done through AdSense, a contextual advertising service from Google.

There is also a video subscription, a pay for youtube view for users who do not make content.

What does a YouTube subscription do?
Watch videos and listen to music in the YouTube Music app without ads; save tracks and videos on your mobile device and turn them on offline; listen to music in the background and while working with other apps; enable “audio Only” mode and run videos without a video sequence.

The lion’s share of all advertising on all sites on the Internet is published through AdSense. But if you can place ads on regular sites through several different aggregators at once, then you will have to deal with AdSense to place ads on YouTube. More precisely, with Google Adwords – this is another service for placing ads, mainly search. When your channel is connected to AdSense, you can already earn money. Now YouTube will share its revenue with you, because it is on your videos that ads will spin.

Of course, earning money from watching videos is not the only way for bloggers to earn money from YouTube. There is direct advertising, when a blogger personally contacts the advertiser and places an ad inside their video. Prices vary from channel to channel, mostly everything depends on the average number of views of the video.

I would like to dispel a fairly common myth about likes. Many people think that a blogger gets paid for likes. Most likely, it was created by bloggers themselves, who constantly ask viewers to put a “like” mark. However, this is done in order to create activity on the video, but not for money. You can safely put both likes and dislikes, Express your opinion, and be sure that this will not add or decrease money to anyone.

Now you know how much and what YouTube pays for. He may pay you in the future. Or, if your interests are elsewhere, you can fully enjoy the features of YouTube by subscribing to it for a fee.

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